Things that may turn off Buyers when you are selling your home

As a Real Estate Broker for nearly 24 years, I’ve seen a lot of reasons that a seller has problems selling their home. Here are a few things that are fairly easy to fix.

The first thing a buyer sees when they are looking at a home is the front door and entrance area. I’ve literally had buyers notice the dirt, damaged front door, spider webs, etc. and comment about the fact the these sellers obviously do not care for their home – just from their first impression at the front door. Once the buyer has that viewpoint, there isn’t much that can change their mind. Most buyers are not interested in taking on a ‘fixer-upper’ project and that is exactly what they think when they see indicators like this, right at the front door. Most buyers want a move-in ready home, and I encourage sellers to make their home as close to that as possible.

So if you have your home on the market, make sure the approach to your home, including the front door, is clean, neat, and inviting. Giving your front door a new coat of paint or varnish may do a lot more than you think to give a buyer a good first impression. Keep the area in front of your door swept and maybe put a nice plant by the front door.

Probably the worst thing I have noticed that turns off buyers is a house that smells like smoke or animals. If you smoke in your house, a really good cleaning of curtains, furniture, carpets, etc. will help get rid of that pesky, lingering smell. Also use an ozonator — that really helps clean up the air.

As one animal lover to another, I’m not going to tell you to get rid of your pets just because you are selling your house. But do make sure there are not odors from your pets that could turn off a buyer from considering your house. Keep the kitty litter clean, and as far away from living spaces as possible. Cleaning rugs and furniture will also help rid your home of pet smells. Also, when someone comes to look at your home, it’s a good idea to keep the animals away from the people looking at your home. The less distraction from looking at the home, the better.

The best way to check to see if your home has any odors is to go outside for a little while, then walk in and immediately check to see what your home smells like. There are some really good odor eliminators on the market these days that don’t add a perfume smell, which is another thing that could act as a negative.

Clutter is the third thing I will mention, as this definitely makes a home look smaller. To present your home as well as it can show, you should put away as much as you can. You may even have to remove a piece of furniture or two, just so that rooms don’t look small. The more you have in a room, the less space it will appear to have. Cleaning up clutter doesn’t cost anything either, but may be one of the best tools for selling your home. Keep it neat, orderly and un-cluttered and then the buyers that look at your home can see the space better.

I hope these tips have been useful and wish you the best in selling your home! If you would like a free market analysis to determine the current value of your home, feel free to give me a call. I’m here to help you market and sell your home!