It’s who you know and I know Pam

I was a single mom that had been taking care of my house by myself for a year and a half. The house needed a new fence, oak trees trimmed, painting inside and out. And I had been wanting to get rid of the dart board area in the family room for years! Then one Friday morning before work, I injured my back out in the yard. I couldn’t stand up straight for hours. I said, “That’s it! I’m calling Pam Ryan Anderson!” Pam came over that afternoon. I pointed out what I thought were flaws, like the dart board area. She said, “Don’t change anything. We may find someone that plays darts.” Monday she brought a prospect over. Monday night the prospect brought her other half over and he plays darts!!! Tuesday they signed the contract. Wednesday my husband signed and Thursday I signed. The house closed three weeks later! AND my neighbor, who had friends over every weekend for several months preparing his house for market, AND who didn’t want to pay a realtor commission when I told him to use Pam, sold his house four months after I sold mine! So, it’s who you know. And I know Pam, the only Realtor that can possibly pull in a dart player and have the contract wrapped up in less than five working days!!! Thanks ssoooo much!!!  – T

It's who you know and I know Pam