I recently listed my property for sale with Ryan Realty. From the start the client/realtor relationship was positive. I do not permanently live in Florida which could have made selling the property very difficult. Pam took over and very professionally handled the viewings, contract negotiations and sale. I was extremely pleased with the entire process. I highly recommend Pam and her company, Ryan Realty, for your estate sale.


I highly recommend Pam

We have purchased and sold several homes through Pam Ryan Anderson at Ryan Realty.  We cannot emphasize enough the quality of professionalism we received from Pam with each of our transactions.  Pam knows the housing market inside and out and she was able to get absolutely top dollar for the sale of each of our homes.


Pam has significant knowledge of each community, particularly in our case, Clearwater and Largo.  Pam lets you glide through the purchase and sale of a home with excellent communication and we cannot be happier with the ease of each transaction.  We would recommend Pam to everyone we know as well as anyone that would ask our opinion. 


Gary and Cindy

We like working with Pam

We recently sold our house through Ryan Realty. The whole cycle was very smooth, very fast. Pam is a true professional and we recommend Ryan Realty for your Real Estate needs. – S. & C.L.

– S. & C.L.

S & C L

“I am glad for the opportunity to praise Pam’s work.  After several real estate purchases done with Pam’s help, I can vouch for her loyalty, fairness and efficiency.  If anyone asks me for a broker, I’d recommend Pam and no one else.”-E.Y.

I'd recommend Pam

I found a listing on Realtor.com that interested me and so I went to the property to check it out. I called Pam Ryan Anderson of Ryan Realty from the sign in the yard. After seeing the property I made an offer and we were able to quickly put the deal together. Pam and her staff were very friendly and courteous. I really liked that they would only call me if they actually had something to say – not bothering me with needless items. They really followed up well and were very honest about issues that came up and handled them promptly and professionally. I would absolutely highly recommend Ryan Realty to anyone purchasing a home or investment property. – C.T.


I called Pam

We spoke to Pam Ryan Anderson about listing our house for sale. Before we signed anything, or put up a sign, Pam called and told us she had a buyer that would love our house. Sure enough, once the Buyer came to town, they chose our house to buy! Being mortgage lenders we work with a lot of Realtors. We have experienced both listing and buying with Pam – on a personal basis as well as many business transactions. And we can tell you that working with Pam is as good as it gets! Thanks for your help Pam!  -A.W


Working with Pam is as good as it gets!

When my wife and I decided it was time to buy a house my boss suggested that I call Pam Ryan Anderson. I am glad that we had Pam helping us, because the service was excellent and our new home is great! Buying our house took just a few months from beginning to end, and it only took that long because I was out of town a lot at that time. Pam took us out looking at houses 2 or 3 times before we found the one that was right for us. I recommend Ryan Realty for excellent service. – V


I recommend Ryan Realty for excellent service

I was a single mom that had been taking care of my house by myself for a year and a half. The house needed a new fence, oak trees trimmed, painting inside and out. And I had been wanting to get rid of the dart board area in the family room for years! Then one Friday morning before work, I injured my back out in the yard. I couldn’t stand up straight for hours. I said, “That’s it! I’m calling Pam Ryan Anderson!” Pam came over that afternoon. I pointed out what I thought were flaws, like the dart board area. She said, “Don’t change anything. We may find someone that plays darts.” Monday she brought a prospect over. Monday night the prospect brought her other half over and he plays darts!!! Tuesday they signed the contract. Wednesday my husband signed and Thursday I signed. The house closed three weeks later! AND my neighbor, who had friends over every weekend for several months preparing his house for market, AND who didn’t want to pay a realtor commission when I told him to use Pam, sold his house four months after I sold mine! So, it’s who you know. And I know Pam, the only Realtor that can possibly pull in a dart player and have the contract wrapped up in less than five working days!!! Thanks ssoooo much!!!  – T

It's who you know and I know Pam

Ryan Realty

Pam helped me to sell my house from a long distance and as you can imagine this is not a simple task even when you are in the same town. She made it so that I felt completely safe leaving town with her there to oversee the sale.

She was very helpful and gave me sound advice the whole way through and in the end we got the exact person that we wanted for our house, not only did we get a great price on the house, we got someone who loved it.

I have also been through three other house purchase/sales with Pam that she did for a close friend and for my boss. She was so service oriented and went above and beyond the call of duty on these sales.

I would recommend Pam to everyone I know to have her sell a home or to help you find the home for you.


I would recommend Pam to everyone I know

Quite frankly, my wife and I had no idea that we could even afford to buy a house before we talked with Pam Ryan Anderson and her mortgage lender. I know for a fact that without Pam my wife and I would not have bought this house and we’d still be living in an apartment. Pam was a blessing. I have dealt with Realtors a lot in my business. But, I had never bought a house before. Pam and her staff were so easy to work with. They kept us up to date on everything and they were both so down to earth. They walked us through the entire process. It went very smoothly from beginning to end. I would never go anywhere else. My wife, who is normally very shy, really connected with Pam, especially after she found out that Pam had worked with John Travolta. The house is coming along great. We’ve done a lot to make it our home. And the best thing is that it’s ours! – J.S.

It went very smoothly from beginning to end.