Community Service - Giving Back

Our Broker, Pam Ryan Anderson, is totally dedicated to helping improve our Community and has been performing invaluable community service for many, many years. Some of Pam’s achievements and activities have been: Girl Scout Leader, PTA, 2004 Pinellas Realtor Community Award for outstanding community service, going to hurricane disasters such as Hurricane Charlie that hit south of Clearwater and Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana. Pam raised $12,000 put together a group of 21 people within 24 hours of Katrina’s devastation. They drove to Louisiana for a week to help in food lines, distributing clothing and food, and basically doing whatever was needed to help. For many years Pam organized, sponsored and funded a free community Sand Sculpting Contest on Clearwater Beach, providing lots of fun for hundreds and hundreds of parents and children.

But Pam’s biggest contribution comes in the way of helping children. Since 1991 Pam has been first the Deputy Executive Director, and then the Executive Director starting in 2009, for The Clearwater Community Volunteers. This active group works year long to put on community events for families and children, and also does fund raising for other charities that help children. Pam is totally dedicated to helping children in need and her group has raised funds for The Children’s Home, Tampa (an orphanage), Make-a-Wish Foundation, The Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, Tampa, the Police Athletic League, and many other groups. Tons and tons of food and toys have been donated by Pam’s group to needy organizations to provide for those that may not have holidays otherwise.

However, ever since Pam learned that there are more than 4,000 homeless children right here in Pinellas County, and another 3,000 that are chronically hungry, Pam has channeled her group to help Nourish to Flourish a group started by Public Defender Mr. Bob Dillinger to feed the hungry children of Pinellas County. Each year, a food and toy drive is done at Winter Wonderland, the largest event that Pam runs each year. For the past two years, all food and toys raised have gone to Mr. Dillinger’s project. In addition, Pam’s group has also taken on helping the Sheriff’s Youth Ranch in Clearwater, another orphanage that provides a new possibility at life for children in need. For more information on The Clearwater Community Volunteers, please visit:

In 2012 Pam was awarded the incredibly prestigious award from The White House, The President’s Call to Service Award. This award is only given to people that have provided more than 4,000 hours of community service. Despite being acknowledged for this amazing amount of time Pam has given back to her community, she continues to this day to do volunteer work on a very regular basis — pretty much any day you can find Pam doing something to help her community be a better place to live!