Florida Home Sales Median Prices Up in January

Note from Pam Ryan Anderson, Real Estate Broker:  Although a GREAT time to be selling real estate in Florida, it is not a great time to be buying.  The article below reports that prices were 23% higher in January 2022 than they were in January 2021.  WOW, that is quite the increase, and can explain […]

Florida Atlantic University Economist Says Homes ‘Less Overpriced’ in July

This article refers to South Florida, but it is just what I have observed myself. Just a week ago I made three offers for three different buyers. We won all three contracts. For the last 9-12 months that would have been totally impossible. So this information about the market slows down slightly seems very right […]

Real Estate Economy: It’s Not a Bubble Unless it Pops

A bubble, by definition, pops and prices plummet. Look at buyer demand. Look at homeowner equity. Prices could stop going up for a bit – but it’s not a bubble. NEW YORK – Record home prices, bidding wars and other factors show a real estate market that appears eerily similar to the 2006 bubble market, […]