Fla. House Passes ‘Hometown Hero’ Amendment

  The drive to offer an additional property tax break to people like teachers and the military now goes to the Senate. If approved, it will then be considered by Fla. voters. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The Florida House on Thursday unanimously passed a proposal that would ask voters to increase homestead property-tax exemptions for first […]

Return on Remodeling Projects

As long as I have been in real estate, I have heard sellers say they were going to make costly repairs in order to increase their sales price.  BUT, the thing they don’t realize is all the time, effort and money that really goes into big projects.  And is it worth it? Well, I finally […]

Florida Atlantic University Economist Says Homes ‘Less Overpriced’ in July

This article refers to South Florida, but it is just what I have observed myself. Just a week ago I made three offers for three different buyers. We won all three contracts. For the last 9-12 months that would have been totally impossible. So this information about the market slows down slightly seems very right […]

One Cause of Rising S. Fla. Rents? Lots of Unsuccessful Buyers

By Amber Randall In addition to a wave of new Fla. residents, many buyers find themselves “forced to rent,” many month-to-month, because they haven’t successfully found a home to buy. FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Unless you can drop a pile of cash on the table, you may get squeezed into renting in South Florida’s crazy […]